Just girl things (everywhere I go)

So I love looking at cute clothing or dressing myself up nicely when I do things. One of my favorite things to collect are shoes... Now when I say I have a lot of shoes, I mean I have a lot of shoes. *cough cough* 50+ pairs. Well, I was thinking about my mine craft skin for Halloween and what I should do for it. At that moment I realized how much of a girl I am when it comes to being one everywhere I go. I checked my skin folder only to realize I had over 20 different outfits made out for my base mine craft skin. I guess being a girl just follows me everywhere I go! Not quite sure what I am going to make as my Halloween outfit any ideas?

"Just girl things"


  1. I didn't know you collected shoes! I think it's nice to have a fashion sense. Got to switch things around and spice things up once in awhile.

    When it came to Minecraft skins, I ended up looking through a dozen of the pre-made ones and picked out a dozen that I couldn't choose from.

    I am interested in what Halloween costume ideas you have. I think cosplaying as a League of Legends character would be fun for you.

  2. I remember the minecraft skin you picked..... I still need to make you one lol.

    1. Haha, I didn't intend to use that skin on a real server. I think I got lazy and stopped looking through all the skins I picked up.

      I would love to have a skin made by you. :)


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