One More Hour

You know those nights where you are on a proper sleeping schedule like, bed by 10PM and awake by 6AM? Those are always nice, but have you ever had that issue where your just like "one more hour then I will sleep". Before you realize it you just don't want to sleep. That seems to happen to me a lot. In my opinion I actually think sleeping is a waste of time and that their just isn't enough time in the day. Of course I sleep still, normally when my body just gives out on me. But, in general I think just feel so much more energized on a regular schedule. It sucks though when you prefer the night shift over the day shift, but want to be awake on the day shift as well the struggles! What do you guys usually do for a sleeping schedule or is it as random as mine?

 Sorry about my poor grammar, writing, skills in this post. I literally am writing this at 12:20PM and I haven't slept all night yay me. 

"Sleeping on my keyboard, if I respond I am talking in my sleep"


  1. I have the same struggles. I prefer night shift because it's so much more quiet and relaxing. But sometimes I feel more alive during the daytime and can do more outside during the day. Also, my sleep schedule shifts a lot because my job doesn't require me to be on a set schedule. I think the main solution for sticking to a schedule is when you have to work or go to school at a set time. Other then that, it's always been pretty random for me.

  2. I like the night schedule because of how quiet it can be, but sometimes it makes me feel trapped even though I choose to stay inside the house anyway.


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