Unspreadable butter and bread

So today I thought I would talk about something I really hate. So every morning I make toast. I love my morning toast. I am sure just about everyone does. So one of the things that my parents like to do to save money is buying this stick of butter. This stick of butter I like to call it the unspreadable butter. Sometimes I will wake up in the morning to realize their just isn't any regular butter and I have to use this unspreadable stick of butter. Where I have to fight tooth and nail just to get it on the bread. Today I had to experience something even worse. Did you know they make bread that you can't spread stuff on!?!? I know like what the fuck? So my parents went out of the way to get this really soft white bread as to where if you takea  butter knife and try to rub some butter on it. You just end up destroying the bread. So here I have unspreadable butter and unspreadable bread. I think I am just going to toast the bread from now on and not add butter! My parents make my morning miserable with lots of love. Do any of you guys might have some daily pet peeves?

Sorry about only having one post yesterday. I slept way longer then I had originally wanted to!

"It's definitely not butter"


  1. Not sure if you have it in America, but in the UK we have this butter called Lurpak Spreadable and as you can guess, its spreadable. Works on any bread tough or weak and I've never had to worry about faulty butter :P

    1. However I do have a pet peeve. In one of the rooms that I most like to sit in and play games is my conservatory (which is at the back of my house) and is entirely made out of glass. Because of this is gets somewhat hot, so it would make sense to open a few windows. But as the day goes on and the sun passes over the house and the temperature drops, the room gets colder and colder. I'm the only one in this room the majority of the day so I think I have the right to decide what is open/shut. Its at this point in the day when I start to shut the windows and doors and get some more heat in the room. APPARENTLY THIS ISNT THE RIGHT THING TO DO! People who walk into the room for no more than 10 seconds complain that it is too warm and reopen the windows and doors and don't listen to me when I say close them! The person who sits in here most out of everyone in the house has to freeze because of the 10 seconds that another person spends in the room. Beyond annoying to me.

  2. Hahaha I actually understand how you feel. I sleep in the living room xD sad i know... and my parents dictate the fan in their. So when its to cold I like to turn it off, but when they come out they turn it back on then leave! LIKE WHAT IS THIS!


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