Babies and Memories

First off DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND THE TITLE! So a few days ago I learned that my sister was pregnant for the second time in her life. So today they were talking about names boy names and girl names I guess they are not far enough along to know what it might be. While we were talking about baby names she started talking about our childhood when we played games like house. She kept saying the name "derik". I was so confused at who the heck derik was at first! She kept questioning my memory as if this "derik" person was important. Eventually I came to the conclusion she was talking about the name"eric" which was the name of a male character she played in our house role play game.... Good to know its not my memory thats screwed up!

"Age is not a measure of wisdom, if I meet a 100-year old man. I will teach him and if I meet an 8-year old boy who can teach me, I will learn."

"You don't know this new me, I put the pieces back together differently."

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