One Of Those Days

I feel so annoyed today. You have one of those days where nothing you do feels like its going right. Played about 10 league matches today and lost every single one of them. Lost my gold rank all the way down to 0LP. I don't believe in ELO hell, but holy heck sometimes those team mates that you just get... game after game. I had to solo lane today against 2 players as the adc while my support afkd. Then at the end of the game get flamed for dying under turret. It was so sad! Just feel like I need a break from that game for a bit I think.

Sorry it was more of a league rant post that kind of just lead from one thing to the next and pretty much made it a long day.

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  1. Ah, all too familiar with the annoying game moments. After playing games for most of my life I've learnt to deal with it, but really you gotta know when to quit and that's the hardest part. Getting addicted to that one game that you both hate and love for some strange reason is so weird. But if I do ever get to the point where I feel like I'm just falling off or getting yelled at and blamed for accidents or silly mistakes you really just need to stop.

    A lot of the time its best to just put on some headphones and get your favourite music on a playlist and blast it as loud as you can. Usually I do this while looking through Twitter or other websites of interest. Really this helps for any day that I feel isn't going my way.

    (The third option that is super secret and I've never told anyone - JUST SLEEP THROUGH IT!)


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